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I Want To Love You Episode 1 by Jean Sebastien

I am speaking to you through the internet as a non-native.
I am gliding towards middle age.

I have so little time to write about art.
I want to talk about things that are difficult and beautiful.
There’s a need to reconcile those four sentences, and that need is what shaped this format. This ain’t no mission statement, baby, what follows is a promise.

No more long pieces because I don’t do this for a living, and that means that those take too long to put together. Long enough, too often, for the original fire of these words to have died down to an ember by the time they on your screens.
Because the long pieces demand a certain cohesiveness that requires the cutting of rude and juicy bits that simply won’t fit. The art that’s giving us life deserves a perspective, an approach, a reckoning as twisted, multifarious, and mutable as the original expression.
Because we haven’t shortened our attention spans. Our attention structure is just changing into something more diffuse. Spread out. Networked. We are decompartmentalizing attention.
Because this way we can shift gears like Toretto at the climax. Dip in and out of so many subjects and traditions with the necessary velocity for alchemy. You don’t want to see me dedicating all of my time, or even most of my time to just “fine arts.” Baby, that’s gonna leave me like a spent match on a cold alabaster table.
Because if you made something, and I love it. If you made something that loves the world. Then I don’t wanna wait to talk about it.

This is a public conversation, but my tone is private. I’m gonna talk to just you like everybody else is just noise.


Sebastien Boncy is from Haiti lives in Texas makes photographs, eats too much, and loves most of you. Follow Sebastien at

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