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I Want To Love You: Episode 6 by Jean Sebastien Boncy

Thieves is our people.
If you’re an artist that loves freedom, thieves is our people.


There is something broken in the language when we talk about, for example, Native lands being stolen. The colonist got mad contracts and court documents proving that all the good bits from Lubec to Capetown belong to him and him alone. Law is a tool of The Powerful, and The Powerful ain’t your friend.
Intellectual Property. Trademark. Copyright. Fair Use. None of it the language of Freedom. None of it the language of The People.

Like when you catch this artist crying crying crying cause some entrepreneur slapped a low rez jpeg of Evanescence 3a on some t-shirts and getting 12 bucks a pop at the flea market. But bruh, you weren’t in the t-shirt business. What about the original meaning? Bruh, that became fluid the second you made your canvas public. What about respect? I don’t see the shade, bruh.

Chuck Close ain’t no role model. Anish Kapoor ain’t no role model. Proprietary processes and styles only hinder the aesthetic cause. That kind of thinking is about Power not Beauty. Those jokers got their Real People status revoked. Shoot ‘em, Murtaugh!

Must I tell you that This is not That? Like, someone is taking you livelihood, or someone is trying to silence you so they can sing? Lemme get my tire iron. I’mma join you in the streets, and we’re going to take care of it. Starvation and erasure ain’t the thieving way, it is the way of the Castle.

If it’s good, odds are you took most it from somewhere. And it was right to take it because that’s the deal among the free. That is how we keep the pace, how we stay styling’. The key is generosity. Robin Hood forever.

Sebastien Boncy is from Haiti lives in Texas makes photographs, eats too much, and loves most of you. Follow Sebastien at


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