Upcoming Exhibition at Art League Houston
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Upcoming Exhibitions at Art League Houston: Shane Allbritton & Peter Bernick-Allbritton, Edward Kelley, Benjamin Terry,June 9th -July 22nd 2017

Suspended Memory
Shane Allbritton & Peter Bernick-Allbritton

Exhibition dates: June 9 – July 22, 2017
Opening reception: 6 – 9 PM Friday, June 9, 2017
Main Gallery I Artist talk: 6:30 PM                                                                                                                                

Art League Houston is excited to present Suspended Memory by Houston artists Shane Allbritton & Peter Bernick-Allbritton. The exhibition includes a series of installations which explore the ephemeral nature of memory, and continue the artist’s fascination with the dynamic process of how memories are stored and retrieved in the brain as encoded fragments. This series of works refers to the process of recollection and the premise that lost memory traces remain intact although hidden from one’s conscious mind. Suspended Memory is an extension of the artist’s previous body of work, and is inspired by personal experiences and inaccessible memories. Ambiguity is cultivated leaving an impression through interpreting, borrowing, and reconstructing an illusory array of code-like patterns across temporal landscapes. Translation by fragmented imagery, texture and transparent material flex and intermix with one another to present a visual poetry that recalls spatial networks or brain scans. These bits of distorted photography coalesce through time-lapse techniques to represent the passage of time, rendering them unrecognizable yet familiar.

Speak of the Devil
Edward Kelley

Exhibition dates: June 9 – July 22, 2017
Opening reception: 6 – 9 PM Friday, June 9, 2017
Front Gallery I Artist talk: 7:00 PM

Art League Houston is excited to present Speak of the Devil by Iowa-based artist Edward Kelley. The exhibition features an interactive installation of over 250 surveillance cameras installed throughout the gallery, playfully addressing the invasive qualities of CCTV surveillance, as well as its acceptance in our everyday lives. For this exhibition, a third of the surveillance cameras will be motion activated, responding to viewers as they move around the gallery, while a few will be capturing surveillance-style photographs of individuals or groups. The photographs will be printed out on a printer installed in the gallery, where viewers will be invited to either destroy the photo using a paper shredder, install it on the gallery walls, or take it away with them.

Benjamin Terry

Exhibition dates: June 9 – July 22, 2017
Opening reception: 6 – 9 PM Friday, June 9, 2017
Hallway Space I Artist talk: 6:15 PM                                                                                                                                   

Art League Houston (ALH) is excited to present Thingness by Dallas-based artist and curator Benjamin Terry. The exhibition features a dynamic installation of wall and floor-based paintings and sculptural works that embrace a highly developed sense of form, color, line, and texture, combined with a child-like aesthetic, reflecting the artist’s fascination with the boundaries and transitions between memory, imagination, and reality. “Ultimately, the work is about editing and displaying” says the artist. “It is a reflection of my environment: a constant study of how paintings and objects interact and engage viewers.”

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