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Time and Distance; M. Kelly Olson-The G-Spot-Aug 5- Aug 27, 2017

Thirty years living and working in more than a dozen foreign countries, has provided ample opportunity to experience and appreciate Art. From Southwest Asia to the Far-East, and Europe, being exposed to such diverse cultures provided unparalleled insight into that magical place we call, The Creative Process.

Throughout this nomadic first career, a bubble formed wherein close friends and family were the select few to see my creations. Now my second career, and my first love – the creation of abstract paintings – and full of desire to share my work as much as possible.

How did I get to this point? My creative influences to are primarily threefold: M. C. Escher, Frank Lloyd Wright, and my Dad. As a young man, discovering M. C. Esher was positively life-altering. Now as much as then, his writings and visual descriptions of The Infinite, are intoxicating, meticulous, and mysteriously full of Hope. Frank Lloyd Wright brought the Spiritual into (then) Modern Design. His visual and physical creations exude subtle elegance, and were the primary reason I began university as a student of architecture. To have my Dad, carpenter / inventive thinker, as an ingenious influence was an irreplaceable pleasure. It never ceased to amaze how his imaginative and resourceful approach would be the catalyst for the “Ah-hah moment” we needed – whether we were trying to create a fix for something, or fix something we just created.

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