The Love No Limit Show host Josie Pickens and cinematographer Winston Curry- Image courtesy of Stevens Orozco
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All New Talk Podcast and Radio Show: “The Love No Limit Show” hosted by Josie Pickens: Show Premieres on Nov 10 2017 on All Real Radio

The Love No Limit Show host Josie Pickens and cinematographer Winston Curry- Image courtesy of Stevens Orozco

The goal of The Love No Limit Show is to focus on the many ways that we love (or the possibilities of how we can love) healthily as human beings- and particularly as Black and Brown people living in a(n) oppressive/racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic society.  The show will focus on topics ranging from self-love, to romantic love, to familial love, to communal love.  It will also focus on how we grow to love our various passions.  In example, a show topic will be “Love is Activism” where various activists in Black and Brown communities can share stories of how they fell in love with activism and why such activism is important for the communities they serve.

Additional segments of each show will include “Community Love” where the host will highlight local businesses, creative entrepreneurs, and other up and coming initiatives/events in the Houston (and surrounding) areas.  As people with strong community ties, we feel that it is important to support people, businesses and events that focus on supporting and uplifting our communities. Moreover, “Love No Limit” will feature a segment in the show called “No Love,” which will present social commentary on news and issues facing/affecting Black and Brown communities.  In the “No Love” segment, we will call out “isms” such as racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc. that are noted through news and various social media sites.  The host Josie Pickens’s connection to All Real Radio, and artist All Real Radio co-founder Brother Zin’s media projects came through this kind of social commentary.  She would like to continue the tradition of providing social commentary in honor of Brother Zin’s legacy.

One might ask, why is a show on love important?  Why have conversations about love when there are so many other issues that require conversation and work in Black and Brown communities?  The answer is this: Love is what inspires us, and for Black and Brown people, it is what has helped us to survive the collective assaults lunged at us throughout centuries in the United States (and globally, really). Love is revolutionary.  We cannot build strong families or communities without understanding why we love the way we do, and learning how to love ourselves, love our partners, love our families and love our communities better.  Yet, as important as love is, it is a topic rarely discussed in public/collective settings.  And love (or a lack of love) is an expansive topic that can cover a great deal of issues that impact our communities. The Love No Limit Show seeks to educate and empower its audience.  The show also has the power to spark individual and communal change.  There are no shows that focus on these topics on local (or even national) radio, to our knowledge.

The Love No Limit Show will be hosted by professor, writer, and cultural critic Josie Pickens.  Regular guests of the show will include writer and cultural critic Terrance Thomas and recording artist and thinker Tawn Peron. Ms. Pickens will also invite a variety of special guests who will share their gifts, passions, expertise and love stories– as ultimately the show will be documented as an ongoing storytelling project.

The Love No Limit Show will premiere on Friday, November 10, 2017.

It will air on every Friday from 9-11 pm CST.

The show wll also be shared as a podcast via SoundCloud and iTunes.

Follow The Love No Limit Show via the following social media sites:

Twitter: @lovenolimitshow

Facebook: @lovenolimitshow

Instagram: @lovenolimitshow


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