Jonathan Paul Jackson, The Bust of an Oba, Edo Peoples Nigeria, Court of Benin, 2018, Mixed media on wood
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Jonathan Paul Jackson Colorways Solo Exhibition Artist Talk: Main Street Projects-Jun 26, 2018

Image: Jonathan Paul Jackson, The Bust of an Oba, Edo Peoples Nigeria, Court of Benin, 2018, Mixed media on wood


Please join Main Street Projects for a talk with artist Jonathan Paul Jackson as we discuss his current exhibition, Colorways, the evolution of his creative output, and the impetus for his recent works. The event, sponsored by Oasis Texas Brewing Company and Frenchy’s Chicken, will be hosted Tuesday, June 26, from 5 – 7pm in our project space at 3550 Main Street.

Jackson’s artwork pulls the roots of visual communication through time and into the contemporary context. Through layers of applied color, illustration, and illumination, his paintings, in various moments of revelation and obscuration, depict archaic artifacts — created, lost, and then found again, across the timeline of humanity. Rendered from the artist’s imagination, these recent works have us visit, in fantastic landscapes, some of the most enduring evidence of ancient cultures available to us.

“Colorway,” a term which refers to the particular combination of colors applied to a sneaker, in this instance refers to the ancient practice of applying pigment to religious sculptures and statuary – a practice seen in the earliest known and documented cultures, worldwide — and to this artist’s practice of reimagining artifacts from antiquity in vivid color.
Jonathan Paul Jackson, a native Texan, is a self-taught artist working in Houston. Having apprenticed with and been mentored by notable Houston artists, Jackson has inserted himself into a heritage of Houston art-making that begins, in some ways, with patriarchal figures in Houston art Jesse Lott and Bert L. Long, Jr. His artworks are the result of experiments in abstraction as he forages a new philosophy toward painting that is at once his own as well as part of a larger dialogue about the nature of painting and perception, executed through the filter of a contemporary multi-cultural perspective.

Artist Talk: Tuesday, June 26,2019 | 5 – 7pm
Location: 3550 Main Street, Houston, Texas

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