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Selven O’Keef Jarmon: Drawing 360 Degrees Vanishing at Main Street Projects: Jan 31, 2019

Main Street Projects is pleased to present a new socially charged exhibition, “Drawing 360 Degrees Vanishing: Bomar Wall Drawings” – a mixed media body of works on paper by artist Selven O’Keef Jarmon. These works are informed by the social sculpture installation, bearing the same title name, being mounted onto the outer walls of Art League Houston

The 360 Degrees Vanishing Project (360DVP) is a series of four monumental tapestries initially planned to be mounted onto the exterior walls of Art League Houston (ALH). Two walled tapestries will be mounted at ALH Spring 2019 with the following two being planned as installations to be shared with other parts of the city in the near future. The project is informed by 7 years the artist spent living and working in South Africa, where the traditional craft of beading – once a significant component of South African folk life – was vanishing from the cultural landscape. The 360DVP was created as a means to re-imagine the possibilities of applying a traditional art form, such as beading, in a different cultural and modern context aimed at inspiring broader discourse around the societal significance that exist in both present-day as well as historic settings.

As an international public art and cultural exchange between Houston and South Africa, 360DVP has already succeeded in bringing together several South African Eastern Cape communities and connected them with hundreds of Houstonians from various communities. Between the Summer 2014 and Winter 2015, 16 highly skilled beaders from sewing coops throughout the Eastern Cape traveled in 3 groups and lived at the Art League Houston residency house. During this time, over 1000 volunteers from across Houston, ages 5 – 93, met and worked in tandem with the South African beaders at workshops held at venues throughout Houston to create this tapestry.

The titled “Bomar Wall Drawings” speak to the name of the largest wall tapestry named after the street it flanks, Bomar Street off Montrose Boulevard. Each of the individual 36” X 34” drawings is meant to function as a microcosm of the larger Bomar Wall Tapestry. In producing these drawings, the artist aim is to draw the public in for further examination of the broader social sculpture being mounted. As the tapestry is installed, the drawings will further the discussion as to how the piece was made, who made it, where did the idea come from, why was it important and how does the viewing audience fit into this tapestry. From the artist perspective, the complete project functions as a mirror image of people finding meaning in the skills of people around them and in the process discover more meaning in the world around them.

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Main Street Projects – Thursday Jan 31, 2019 – 3550 Main Street, Houston, TX-77002

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